Stage Credits

Theatre: 2012 - 2018

Year Role Production Production Company Director
2017 Constable of Bolsover Castle ONLY FOOLS AND CORPSES (FRIGHTFEST) Bolsover Castle / Midlands Asylum Productions Mike Kennedy
2017 Macbeth MACBETH Siege Theatre - Oxford Shakespeare Festival Michael Speight
2017 Merlin MORDRED SDPTF Laura Jay
2016 The Mad Hatter ALICE IN WONDERLAND WEDDING RECEPTION (immersive,improvised) Christine Haugh Christine Haugh
2016 Sir Mordred MEDIEVAL BANQUET (immersive,improvised) Avant Garde Richard Hazelgrove
2015 Scrooge A CHRISTMAS CAROL Equapoise Theatre / The Charles Dickens Museum (London) Eleri Jones / Laura Marie Donnelly
2015 Scrooge A CHRISTMAS CAROL Jorvik Theatre Ben Harman
2015 Faustus/Face (scenes from Marlowe's Dr Faustus/Jonson's The Alchemist) RENDEZVOUS AT MIDNIGHT The Rose Playhouse (Bankside) Pamela Schermann
2015 Marcus TITUS ANDRONICUS (outdoor) Siege Theatre-Oxford Shakespeare Festival Michael Speight
2015 Fred
(the look-out)
SURVIVORS OF THE TITANIC South Devon Players Theatre Eluiana Jay
2015 Barrymore THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES Fired-up Theatre Simon Quinn
2014 Duke Felmet WYRD SISTERS Jadis Shadows James Tudor
2014 Angela's Dad & Monkey LIKE A VIRGIN Source Productions Harry Peake
2013 Antonio THE TEMPEST (outdoor) Shakespeare in the Park – Lichfield David Titley
2012 Actor (physical) MITTWOCH AUS LICHT - World Premiere London Festival Commission B.O.C Graham Vick
2012 Ensemble ROMEO AND JULIET (outdoor) Stafford Festival Shakespeare Peter Rowe
2012 The Duke of Albany KING LEAR (outdoor) MDCC Gary Durrant